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About Loan Singh

Loan Singh (Company Name: Seynse Technologies)  is a digital lending platform designed to make frictionless loans available to credit-worthy yet underserved borrowers. Loan Singh has its own credit scoring algorithm, and is building a platform that looks at Lending as a Service which include aspects of Fund Flow, Loan Origination, Loan Processing as well as integration with multiple banks and partners.


Loan Singh has been funded by Airtel in a strategic investment, and other investors also includes prominent individuals such as Sanjay Nayar (CEO, KKR), Gopal Srinivasan (Chairman, TVS Capital), Vikram Sud (former COO, Kotak Group, Regional Director, Citi Singapore) among others.

Read here about our recent work with Airtel.


About Prototyze

Loan Singh has been incubated by Prototyze. Prototyze is one of the few ‘venture-builder’ format incubators in Asia. It has catalyzed multiple ventures in the area of financial technologies, freight transportation, mobile fitness and corporate training. Please check this link for an overview about their progress.

Apart from Seynse, these include Mobiefit (a mobile fitness company), HandyTrain (a mobile platform for corporate training), an IoT and SaaS transportation technology venture called TempoGo, and a platform for institutions to rent or commission Art called Monde Art. All these ventures have also been invested in by prominent individuals and strategic partners, collectively to the tune of over $12 million.

A quick history –

Our older cluster is a decade-old group of knowledge-capital companies. These work with global clients such as Microsoft, Pizza Hut, Hyatt Hotels, McKinsey, IBM, Airtel, Hewlett Packard, KFC, Kotak, Goldman Sachs and many others. They include ScreenRoot which focuses on human: screen interaction design (mobile apps, web applications, intranets…); Synapse which specializes in business communication and VisualJuJu that’s focused on multimedia.


A recent update on these companies is at PrivateUnlimited.com.



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