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About Us

We're Analytics India Jobs, a dedicated jobs portal for Analytics & Data science Jobs in India

Analytics India Magazine is India’s premier media organization for Analytics and Data Science-related news and events. We have evolved into a trusted name in the data science field in India, with over 1.5 million avid readers and enthusiasts.

To give back to the data scientist community, we created Analytics India Jobs. Poised as the premier job portal for any data scientist, beginner or veteran, Analytics India Jobs aims to create unique service value for our consumers.

AIJ will allow the best of data science talent to connect with top companies in the space, creating a unique environment for healthy job growth. We will also advance industry-best hiring practices in India, a country with deep data science talent.

The platform also provides a unique place for employers and talent to connect, laying the base for a data-science driven future in the world’s fastest growing economy. From startups to corporates to industry leaders, AIJ will provide the perfect opportunity to find the right job for you.

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